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Chloride - an essential nutrient
Potassium and Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE)
Managing Water and Fertilizer for Sustainable Agricultural Intensification - infographic
Potassium Improves your Crop Quality
Potassium Improves your Health
Potassium in Soil and Plant Systems
The Role of Potassium (K) in the Plant
What does a Plant Need to Live
Assessment of the Impact of Targeted Use of Fertilizer on Irrigated Rice in Asia
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  • Paper: Response of Turmeric (Curcuma longa) to Potassium Fertilization on K Deficient Soil in Northern Bangladesh more >
  • K in the Literature: Distribution of Forms of Potassium in Relation to Different Agroecological regions of North-Eastern India more >
  • Publication: Assessment of the Impact of Targeted Use of Fertilizer - Irrigated rice in Asia more >
  • Regional Project: Effect of Potash Application on Yield, Quality, Disease Resistance and Drought Tolerance in Groundnut more >
  • Paper: Effect of Potassium Fertilization on the Yield and Quality of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) on a Terrace Soil Level Barind Tract (AEZ 25) in Northern Bangladesh more >