IPI International Potash Institute
IPI International Potash Institute

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IPI activity in West Asia and North Africa (WANA)
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Coordination: West Asia and North Africa (WANA)


Around the world, IPI works with numerous in-country partners. These include researchers, extension services, advisers, cooperatives, associations and farmers.


New Publications

  • Potasyum - Yaşam için Mutlak Gerekli...
  • Balancing use of Fertilizers with...


Articles from the Region
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  • Sugar Beet Response to Potassium...
  • Impact of Potassium Fertilization Dose...


Papers & Presentations

  • Sugar Beet Response to Potassium...
  • 钾肥施肥量、施肥制...


Scientific abstracts

  • Effect of Some Cations Anions and...


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  • International Symposium on use of Potassium...


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New publication

What's new in the region...

  • Paper: 钾肥施肥量、施肥制度和施肥方法对干旱环境下棉花发育及籽棉产量的影 more >
  • Publication: Potasyum - Yaşam için Mutlak Gerekli bir Element
    Potassium - a Nutrient Essential for Life more >
  • Paper: Sugar Beet Response to Potassium Fertilizer under Water Sufficient and Water Deficient Conditions more >
  • Publication: Balancing use of Fertilizers with Potassium more >
  • Publication: Balancing use of Fertilizers with Potassium (in Urdu) more >