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Remediation Strategy and Practice on Agricultural land Contaminated with 137Cs and 90Sr in Belarus
Bogdevitch, I.M.
Published in:
Eurosafe; Paris 25 - 26 November (2003). Environment and Radiation protection. Seminar 4, p. 83-92., English


This paper is intended to review existing data on the efficiency and acceptability of agricultural countermeasures for reducing of internal exposures introduced by consumption of foodstuff produced on land contaminated by 137Cs and 90Sr. Currently, there are strongly reduced state budget resources for mitigating the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. No more than 50% of the required agricultural protective measures could be financed in the last years. There is an increased need for an optimal use of available resources. New efforts are needed to identify sustainable ways to make use of the most affected areas that reflect the radiation hazard, but also revive the economic potential for the benefit of the community. In this reason the practical complex assessment and justifying of countermeasure application in the most contaminated rural districts of Belarus is the main direction of rehabilitation activity for radiation protection of people in the remote period after Chernobyl accident.
Countermeasures have to lead to the profitable or self-sufficient production of extra yield with low radionuclide contamination. The complex of the effective countermeasures has been worked out and implemented mostly in public sector of agriculture. However, particular attention must be given to the production of private farms of several hundred settlements, where samples of milk still contain radionuclides of 137Cs and 90Sr in excess of the established limits.

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