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Effect of Nitrogen and Potassium Nutrition in Pomegranate Grown in Laterite Soil
Ghosh, S.N.
Published in:
Indian J. of Fertilizers 8(7):56-58, English


To find out the nitrogen and potassium requirements in pomegranate cv. Ruby grown in laterite soil of West Bengal, an investigation was carried out for three consecutive years which started when the plant age was 5 years. Results indicated that growth of the plants was not so much affected due to different doses of nitrogen and potassium. But fruit yield and weight of the fruit were significantly and constantly improved with the yearly application of 300 g each of nitrogen and potassium per plant. Fruit quality in respect of juice content, T.S.S. and sugar was not appreciably increased due to nitrogen and potassium nutrition, however, Vitamin-C content, on the other hand, was significantly greater with the application of 300 g of nitrogen and 200 g of potassium per plant per year.

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