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Influence of Nitrogen and Potassium Supply on Contents of Acrylamide Precursors in Potato Tubers and on Acrylamide Accumulation in French Fries
Gerendás,J., Heuser,F., Sattelmacher,B.
Published in:
Journal of Plant Nutrition 30(9):1499-1516 (2007), English


Fried potato products may accumulate substantial amounts of acrylamide due to high precursor contents, namely reducing sugars and asparagine. In a two-factorial experiment increasing N supply, increased the contents of reducing sugars in most cases, and resulted in higher contents of free amino acids. α-amino-N, which was tightly correlated with the contents of free amino acids, can be regarded a suitable rapid test for free asparagine for a given variety. Increasing K addition always raised the citrate contents, but lessened the contents of reducing sugars. Selected treatments were processed into French fries. Highest acrylamide contents were observed in tubers grown with high N and inadequate K supply, which also contained the highest contents of precursors. The experiment clearly demonstrates that nutrient supply has significant impact on the contents of acrylamide precursors and thus for the acrylamide formation during frying.

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