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Distribution of Forms of Potassium in Relation to Different Agroecological regions of North-Eastern India
Reza, S.K., Utpal Baruah, T. Chattopadhyay, and Dipak Sarkar
Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science 60(4-6):507-517
Melatonin is Involved in Regulation of Bermudagrass Growth and Development and Response to Low K+ Stress
Chen, L., J. Fan, Z. Hu, X. Huang, E. Amombo, A. Liu, A. Bi, K. Chen, Y. Xie, and J. Fu
Front. Plant Sci. 2017
Mechanisms for High Potassium Selectivity of Soils Dominated by Halloysite from Northern California, USA
Takahashi, Y., R.A. Dahlgren, H. Kanno, M. Nanzyo, and T. Takahashi
Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 2017
The Rice High-Affinity K+ Transporter OsHKT2;4 Mediates Mg2+ Homeostasis under High-Mg2+ Conditions in Transgenic Arabidopsis
Zhang, C., H. Li, J. Wang, B. Zhang, W. Wang, H. Lin, S. Luan, J. Gao, and W. Lan
Front. Plant Sci. 2017
Transgenic Approaches for Improving Use Efficiency of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in Crops
Teng, W., X. He, and Y.P. Tong
Journal of Integrative Agriculture 16(12):2657-2673 (2017)
Potassium Rates Affected Potassium Uptake and Use Efficiency in Drip-Irrigated Tomato
Zhu, Q., M. Ozores-Hampton, Y.C. Li, K.T. Morgan, and Y. Lu
Agron. J. 109(6):2945-2956 (2017)
Cultivar Sensitivity of Cotton Seed Yield to Potassium Availability is Associated with Differences in Carbohydrate Metabolism in the Developing Embryo
Hu, W., Z. Dai, J. Yang, J.L. Snider, S. Wang, Y. Meng, Y. Wang, B. Chen, W. Zhao, and Z. Zhou
Field Crops Research 214:301-309 (2017)
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