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IPI Events: e-ifc No. 15, March 2008

IPI Events

 March 2008

IPI-Punjab Agriculture University (PAU) function, 26 March 2008, Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

This meeting is for the concluding of the IPI-PAU project titled "Evaluation of the effect of potassium application on the yield and quality of crops under intensive pea-sunflower-maize cropping system". A bulletin with results summarizing the project will be released.

IPI-Fertilizer Association of India (FAI) Dealers Training Program, 27 March 2008, Amritsar, Punjab (northern region), India.

IPI and FAI will hold a training course for fertilizer dealers on "Balanced Fertilization and Integrated Nutrient Management". The one-day course is specifically designed for fertilizer dealers in the northern region of India.

IPI-SWRI conducted a training course on fertigation in Nubaria research station, Egypt on 4 February 2008.
IPI-SWRI conducted a training course on fertigation in Nubaria research station, Egypt on 4 February 2008. The presentations (in Arabic) from this meeting are available on-line. More than 60 participants attended this course; fertigation in the newly reclaimed soils in Egypt is a vital tool for advanced nutrient management. Photo by IPI.

IPI-BRRI-BFA International workshop on "Balanced Fertilization for Increasing and Sustaining Crop Productivity", 30 March-1 April 2008, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The workshop is being jointly organized by IPI, Bangaladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) and Bangladesh Fertilizer Association (BFA).

A major new challenge in future food production is to meet the demand of the growing Asian population. Malnutrition remains endemic in Bangladesh, an overwhelmingly agrarian country and, without adequate measures, the level of vulnerability is likely to increase as a result of severe land degradation, soil
erosion and the lack of appropriate technologies in agriculture. Successful diversification in crop production, which is helpful in providing ability to withstand market variability, requires wide dissemination of modern technologies for the cultivation of high value crops like fruits and vegetables. Research-based balanced application of mineral fertilizers will increase agricultural productivity for selfsufficient crop production and for maintaining soil fertility for future generations.

This workshop will provide an opportunity for delegates to discuss soil fertility issues and concerns resulting from the current status of fertilizer application, and to share experiences gained from advanced nutrient management practices.

For the full program look at the web.

 July 2008

World Potash 2008, 8-10 July 2008, Shanghai, China.

The meeting will host an exhibition and summit forum covering various aspects of potash production, marketing and potash fertilization and agronomy. More details available on-line.

 November 2008

17th International Symposium of CIEC, 24-27 November 2008, Cairo, Egypt.

The International Scientific Centre for Fertilizers (CIEC) is organizing a symposium titled "Plant nutrient management under stress conditions", hosted by the National Research Center (NRC), Egypt. For more details contact nrc-mic@link.net or oeabk@yahoo.com.

 December 2008

Second International Symposium on Papaya 9-12 December 2008, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

This symposium is being jointly organized by the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), Leuven, Belgium in collaboration with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India and other scientific organizations. The theme of the symposium is "Papaya for nutritional security". For further details, please contact the organizing secretary, Dr. N. Kumar, Professor (Horticulture), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore 641 003, India.

E-mail: kumarhort@yahoo.com, Phone: +91 422-6611310/6611377, (R): +91 422-2436046; Fax: +91 422-6611399, Mobile: +91 936 312 1916. Web: www.ishs-papaya2008.com.


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