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New Publications: e-ifc No. 22, March 2010

New Publications

Translated to Chinese: "Rice: A Practical Guide to Nutrient Management"Translated to Chinese: "Rice: A Practical Guide to Nutrient Management". 2007. 144 p.
ISBN 978-3-9523243-5-6; DOI: 10.3235/978-3-9523243-5-6.

Fairhurst, T.H., C. Witt, R.J. Buresh, and A. Dobermann (eds)., translated to Chinese by Jianbo Shen, Department of Plant Nutrition, College of Resource and Environmental Sciences, China Agricultural University (CAU), Beijing, China.

This practical guide is available in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi and Chinese, and soon a Bangla version will be available.

The first edition of "Rice: A Practical Guide to Nutrient Management" (ISBN 978-981-05-7949-4) was published in 2002, reprinted in 2003 and in 2005. A second edition was published in 2007. To make the second edition (English version) of the guide as widely accessible as possible, the publishers are selling the guide through their websites and bookstores. They have also made the guide available in electronic format (PDF) from the websites of IRRI and the Southeast Asia Program of IPNI using a Creative Commons "attribution-noncommercial-share alike" license.

For the same reasons, the Chinese version is available on the websites of IPI, IRRI and IPNI.

You can download the guide from the IPI website or order a copy from Dr. Tian Youguo, Editorial Office for China Agrotech Extension and China Plant Protection, National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Centre (NATESC), Ministry of Agriculture, P.R. China.

Potassium Fertilizers from Potassium Salts of Verhnekamskoe Deposit and their Efficiency.Potassium Fertilizers from Potassium Salts of Verhnekamskoe Deposit and their Efficiency. In Russian. 2005. 304 p. with color pictures, figures and diagrams. Published by Joint Stock Company "Silvinit", Perm Publishing House, Russia. By Belyaev, G.N., Solikamsk Agricultural Experimental Station. The book contains twenty three chapters on various issues related to potash fertilization in the Ural region.

For copies, please contact A. Subbotin, JSC Silvinit; 14, Mira Str., Solikamsk, Perm region, 618540, Russia.

Balanced Fertilization for Sustained Crop ProductionBalanced Fertilization for Sustained Crop Production. In Tamil. 2007. 111 p. plus annexes. Published by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU), Coimbatore, India with financial assistance from IPI. Compiled by: Dhakshinamoorthy, M., D. Selvi, C. Sudhalakshmi, J. Balamurugan, C. Paulraj, and S. Nataraj, Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Center for Soil and Crop Managemen t Studies, TNAU, Coimbatore 641003, India.

For copies contact Dhakshinamoorthy, M . Professor (SS&AC), Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute, Aduthurai - 612 101 or download from IPI website.

Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) and PotassiumNitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) and Potassium. In Hindi and English. 2010. 8 p. This publication describes the interaction between nitrogen and potassium and its effect on yield, quality of various crops and environmental quality. The author brings examples taken mostly from IPI experiments in India. N-K interactions in rice, cassava, pearl millet, wheat, sugarcane, sunflower and more are described with tables, figures and pictures. The booklet is available for download in both English and Hindi. For copies, please contact M.S. Brar.

IPI Bulletin No. 19, Fertilizing for High Yield and Quality: Pome and Stone Fruits of the Temperate ZoneIPI Bulletin No. 19, Fertilizing for High Yield and Quality: Pome and Stone Fruits of the Temperate Zone. Dr. Georg Ebert, edited by E.A. Kirkby. 74 p. English. ISBN 978-3-9523243-6-3, DOI 10.3235/978-3-9523243-6-3.

The history of fruit tree cultivation began some 5,000 years ago; the step from collecting fruits from forest trees to the cultivation of trees being initiated in the house gardens of the first emerging cities in Mesopotamia. Fruits were regarded as precious commodities, providing sweet, refreshing and storable food, and were - last but not least - a source of alcoholic beverages. Fruits are highly prized for their nutritional value, and as the requirements for better food increases, production is rapidly increasing in many parts of the world. Fresh fruit are "low fat" and "fiber-rich" food, and contain high vitamin content and antioxidative capacity. This bulletin discusses the botanical, physiological and nutrient management aspects of the pome and stone fruit. The author compiles and discusses the latest research on the topic, with much data originating from Europe. Pome and Stone Fruit of the Temperate Zone is an ideal publication for farmers, extension managers and researchers. The author, Dr. Georg Ebert, has a PhD on "Influence of internal and environmental factors on root respiration of apple trees", and joined the agricultural advisory service of the marketing department at K+S KALI GmbH in Kassel, Germany, after heading the Fruit Science Department of Humboldt University Berlin.

To order a hardcopy, please go to IPI website.

IIP Boletim 18, Adubando para Alta Produtividade e Qualidade: Fruteiras Tropicais do BrasilIIP Boletim 18, Adubando para Alta Produtividade e Qualidade: Fruteiras Tropicais do Brasil. Dr. Lindbergue Araújo Crisóstomo, Embrapa Agroindústria Tropical, Rua Dr. Sara Mesquita 2270, Caixa Postal 3761, Fortaleza, CE CEP 60511-110, Brasil e Dr. Alexey Naumov Professor da Faculdade de Geografi a da Universidade Estadual de Moscou, Rússia Leninskie Gory, 119992 Moscow, Russia. Portuguese. Published by Embrapa Agroindústria Tropical, Fortaleza, CE 2009, Brazil.

ISBN 978-3-9523243-1-8; DOI 10.3235/978-3-9523243-1-8.

This publication is the Portuguese version of the IPI Crop Bulletin No. 18 on "Tropical Fruits of Brazil". Available for download from the websites of IPI and Embrapa. To order a hard copy, please contact Dr. Lindbergue, Embrapa.

Publications by the PDA

Potash Development AssociationThe Potash Development Association (PDA) is an independent organisation formed in 1984 to provide technical information and advice in the UK on soil fertility, plant nutrition and fertilizer use with particular emphasis on potash.
See also www.pda.org.uk.

Note: Hard copies of PDA's publications are available only in the UK and Ireland.

Other Publications

The Role of Fertilizer in Integrated Plant Nutrient ManagementThe Role of Fertilizer in Integrated Plant Nutrient Management. 2009. IFA/TSBF-CIAT publication "The Role of Fertilizer in Integrated Plant Nutrient Management" by Mark Alley and Bernard Vanlauwe.

The publication can be downloaded from the IFA website. You can also order hardcopies from the IFA Secretariat.

Greenhouse Gas Budgets of Crop Production - Current and Likely Future TrendsGreenhouse Gas Budgets of Crop Production - Current and Likely Future Trends. 2010. Helen Flynn and Pete Smith of the University of Aberdeen, UK. The report points to the fact that preventing further deforestation through sustainable intensification of agricultural production is a crucial priority for climate change mitigation. Contact IFA for copies.

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