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Clipboard: e-ifc No. 22, March 2010


We apologize for the unplanned and unavoidable delay in issuing this e-ifc No. 22. It should have been published in January, and due to reasons beyond our control was delayed to March 2010. Sorry.

Call for Authors: IPI newsletter

e-ifc: We invite researchers to contribute to the e-ifc research papers focused on the role and effect of potassium on soil fertility, crops and the environment. We also would like to cover topics related to extension work on nutrient management. While our newsletter does not undergo a peer review process, we discuss and edit the paper with the authors so that it suits our readership. For more details, please see our "Guidelines for submission of papers" summarised below:

  • Paper: to be prepared in MS Word (max. approx. 2,500 words, plus tables and figures)
  • Page Setup: two columns (Format/ Columns/Two)
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 10
  • Tables: use MS word format, in the text
  • Figures: all figures to be submitted in MS Excel format
  • Pictures: pictures should be at a size of at least KB 500
IPI Books.

IPI books

For many years IPI has published books on nutrient management in crops. This series, called "IPI Bulletins: Fertilizing for high yield" covers some 15 crops. The books are targeted at farmers, crop advisors, extension officers and also researchers. The most recently released bulletins are No. 19 on Pome and Stone Fruits of the Temperate Zone (Ebert, G., 2010), and No. 18 on Tropical Fruit of Brazil (Crisóstomo, L.A. and A. Naumov, eds., 2007; in both English and Portuguese).

Banana, potato, sunflower and sugarcane are all crops we have published crop bulletins about in the past. However, the importance of these crops, and new findings available, make it timely to update and revise. We call for authors from countries where these crops are grown, and ample scientific work is conducted, to contribute to a revised bulletin. IPI offers honorarium for this task.

Another category we publish is called "IPI-Research Topics". In these, we cover special topics as fertigation, nitrogen-potassium interaction and more (see on IPI website). We now look for new publications on:

  • Results from long-term experiments.
  • The relation between potassium and product quality.
  • Potassium and the environment.

Interested authors should contact IPI and discuss with us the content of this topic. IPI offers honorarium for this task.

Thank you.

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