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July 2012

International Symposium on "Management of Potassium in Plant and Soil Systems in China". Chengdu, Sichuan, China, 24-27 July 2012.

The symposium will be jointly organized by the International Potash Institute, Soil Science Institute, Nanjing, China, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Agriculture University. Details are available on the IPI website, or contact Mr. Eldad Sokolowski, IPI Coordinator China.

  1. Role of K fertilizers in sustaining food security in China
    Zhang Fusuo and Weifeng Zhang (China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
  2. Simulating the effect of potassium fertilization on CO2 sequestration in soil
    Benayahu Bar-Yosef and Jiftah Ben Asher (AgriEcology, The Katif Research Center, Israel)
  3. Field-scale K and P fluxes in bioenergy crops: theoretical energy yield and management implications
    Sylvie Brouder (Purdue university, USA)
  4. Precision Nutrient Management: Applications and Future Needs
    Raj Khosla (Colorado State University, USA)
  5. K balance and fertilizer demand in China
    Weifeng Zhang (China Agricultural University, China)
  6. Changes in nutrient efficiencies in cereal crops in China 1990-2010
    Zhenling Cui (China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
  7. Factors affecting NEK release and the method for quantification of soil NEK with various bioavailability
    Jianmin Zhou (Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Nanjing, China)
  8. Pools and fluxes of potassium in the soil: Field balances and mineralogical studies in long-term agricultural experiments
    Magnus Simonsson (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden)
  9. Comparing methods for evaluating soil K availability to rice and wheat in various soils in China
    Huoyan Wang (Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Nanjing, China)
  10. Characteristics of soil K evolution in grain producing areas in China in the last 20 years
    Huimin Zhang and Minggang Xu (Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China)
  11. Influence of crop residue return on crop yields and soil nutrient status
    Shihua Tu (IPNI; Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chengdu, China)
  12. Current situation of potassium soil reserves and needs in typical cropping systems in Central European countries
    Pavel Čermák (Crop Research Institute, Prague, Czech Rep.)
  13. Potassium-Sodium interactions in soil and plant under saline conditions
    Abdul Wakeel (Agricultural University, Faisalabad, Pakistan)
  14. Salinity management with potassium in horticultural crops in irrigated areas of Argentina
    Ricardo Melgar (INTA, Argentina)
  15. The positive impacts of S-ABA on potassium absorption and the effect on potash fertilizer utilization in China
    Speaker from SINOCHEM
  16. Potassium and stress alleviation: physiological functions and management<br /> Derrick Oosterhuis (University of Arkansas, USA)
  17. Genotypic differences in potassium uptake and utilisation efficiency
    Zed Rengel (The University of Western Australia)
  18. Improving potassium acquisition and utilization by crop plants
    Philip White (The James Hutton Institute, UK)
  19. Research progress on the mechanism of plant K efficient use in agriculture - a China perspective
    Fang Chen (IPNI; Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China)
  20. Adaptation of rice to potassium deficiency
    Guohua Xu (Janjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, China)
  21. Effect of crop plants fertilizing with potassium on water use efficiency
    Vitold Grzebisz (Poznan Agricultural University, Poland)
  22. A critical evaluation of citrus leaf mineral status guidelines for optimal yield in Israel
    Eran Raveh (Agricultural Research Organization ARO Volcani Center, Israel)
  23. Potassium Management in Mechanized Conservation Tillage Systems in North America
    Xinhua (Frank) Yin (University of Tennessee, USA)
  24. Potassium management in rice-maize systems in South Asia
    J. Timsina (Consultant, IRRI, Australia)
  25. K source in fertigation systems in China: a comparison between KCl and K2SO4
    Zhang Chenglin (South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China)
  26. K and Mg nutritional status of greenhouse tomatoes: lessons for better K and Mg management of vegetables and fruit trees
    Volker Römheld (University of Hohenheim, Germany) and Chen Qing (China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
  27. Potassium fertilizer management in winter oilseed rape in China
    Jianwei Lu (Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China)
  28. K management in maize in China
    Xinping Chen (China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
  29. Effects of potassium application on yields, nutrient composition of tea leaves and changes in soil K status
    Jianyun Ruan (Tea Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Hangzhou, China)
  30. Crop responses to K application and K budget
    Ping He (IPNI; Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China)
  31. Web and mobile phone applications for providing farmers with field-specific nutrient management
    Roland Buresh (International Rice Research Institute, Philippines)
  32. Potassium and irrigation management in Xinjiang; soil K changes during 1990s-2010s
    Changzhou Wei (Shihezi University, Xinjiang, China)
  33. The influence of foliar application and potassium level on the plant nutrition condition and yield of Pummelo [Citrus maxima (Burm. ex Rumph.) Merr.]
    Alminda M. Fernandez (University of Southeastern Philippines - Tagum-Mabini)
  34. Improving crop yield and resource use efficiency through innovative extension systems
    Hongyan Zhang and Xiaolin Li (China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
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