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Interactive Tools: K gallery, Calculators, Decision Support Systems and Models

K gallery from the IPI

k gallery from the IPI for iPad, iPhone and Android

The K gallery fromthe IPI includes dozens of high quality original photos showing typical response of various crops to the application of potash fertilizer, and potassium deficiency symptoms in leaves.

Use the Search function to find crops and locations where pictures were taken by IPI and others in China, India, Brazil, Egypt, Argentina, Bangladesh, Israel and more.

Descriptions on each slide, and tools to mark your favorites, and share pictures via e-mail, Twitter and Facebook are provided, as are tools to filter the images by crop, deficiency symptom, crop response, or how recently the image was added.

The App is frequently updated with new pictures and welcomes other contributors.

Available as K gallery for android phone and tablet and K gallery for Apple iPad and iPhone. It is also available online on the IPI website.

Nutrient Management Decision Tools - Feeding Crop Needs

Nutrient Management Decision Tools - feeding crop needs

The Nutrient Management Decision Tools are a collection of resources designed by IRRI for:

  • Extension and Farmers
  • Researchers and Scientists
  • Educators, Trainers and Students

The tools will help users to develop location specific nutrient management guidelines for rice.


Nutrient Decision Support System (NuDSS) Software for Irrigated Rice

IRRI NuDSS - Nutrient Decision Support System for Rice
The Nutrient Decision Support System (NuDSS) for irrigated rice is part of an initiative by the Irrigated Rice Research Consortium to provide decision support on site-specific nutrient management (SSNM) in the irrigated lowlands. It is a software program used to estimate the nutrient requirements for realistic target yields in irrigated rice, select the adequate and least costly combination of quality fertilizer sources to match the nutrient requirement, decide on fertilizer split applications, and estimate the profit gained from improved nutrient and crop management programs.

Nutrient Expert for Hybrid Maize Software

Nutrient Expert for Hybrid Maize Software
The Nutrient Expert for Hybrid Maize is a new, computer-based decision support tool developed by IPNI, with financial support from IPI. The software assists local experts quickly formulate fertilizer guidelines for tropical hybrid maize based on the principles of site-specific nutrient management (SSNM).
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