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IPI K Centre - Basic facts about Chloride

IPI K Centre - Basic facts about Chloride

The fertilizer potassium chloride (KCl) (muriate of potash, MOP) provides two essential elements, the macronutrient potassium, as a cation (K+) and the micronutrient chlorine, as an anion (Cl-) and is the source of 90% of mineral K applied to crops throughout the world (IFA, 2013).

Chloride (Cl) is a micronutrient essential for plant development. It is required in small quantities by all crops.

Chloride plays an important role in: the transport of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium; improving crop quality and taste; improving resistance to pests and diseases; photosynthesis, where it is involved in the chemical breakdown of water in the presence of sunlight, enabling plants to make nutrients and grow; water regulation enabling plants to minimise water loss; and osmotic adjustment, enabling plant roots to respond to changing water availability.


IPPC poster Potassium: chloride and suppression of disease
Presented at the XVTH INTERNATIONAL PLANT PROTECTION CONGRESS in Beijing, China, May 11-16, 2004.
IPI-Research Topics
IPI-Research Topics

Papers and presentations

The Value of KCl as a Fertilizer with Particular Reference to Chloride: A Mini Review
Author: Ren, L., Xu, G., and E.A. Kirkby
Event: e-ifc 40
Documents: PaperDownload paper (pdf 595 kB)
31 Mar 2015
Author: Ren, L., Xu,G., and E.A.Kirkby
Event: e-ifc 40 Chinese edition
Documents: PaperDownload paper (pdf 1.39 MB)
31 Mar 2015
Effect of Potassium Sulphate and Potassium Chloride on Soil Properties and Wheat Faba Bea
Author: Eisa S., Taha M.B. and Abd El-Hadi A.H.
Event: International Symposium on 'Soil Management and Potash Fertilizer Uses in West Asia and North Africa Region', Antalya, Turkey
Documents: Presentation (pdf 2.56 MB)
22-25 Nov 2010
Potassium Sulphate and Potassium Chloride in the Nutrition of Poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) in Relation to Nitrogen Supply
Editors: IPI
Event: e-ifc 19
Documents: PaperPaper (pdf 1.41 MB)
31 Mar 2009
Effect of Potassium Chloride in Comparison with Potassium Sulfate on Sugar Cane Production
Author: M.S. Khadr, A.Y. Negm, F.A. Khalil, L.W. Antoun
Event: Potassium and Fertigation Development in WANA, Marrakech, Morocco
Documents: Paper (pdf 61.5 kB)
01 Nov 2004
Chloride Requirements for Wheat Production
Author: R.E. Engel
Event: IPI PRII K in nutrient management for sustainable crop production in India, New Delhi, India
Documents: Paper (pdf 149 kB)
03-05 Dec 2001

Scientific abstracts

The Effects of Chloride and Potassium Nutrition on Seed Yield of Annual Canarygrass
May, W.E., S.S. Malhi, C.B. Holzapfel, B.X. Nybo, J.J. Schoenau, and G.P. Lafond
Agron. J. 104(4):1023-1031 (2012)
Relationship between Chloride Salts of Sodium and Potassium with Seedling Growth of BRRI dhan 41
Mandal, T., M.Z. Hossain, M.S. Jahan, and G.M.M. Rahman
Bangladesh J. Agric. and Environ. 8(1):19-25 (2012)
Influence of Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium Chloride Placement and Rate on Durum Wheat Yield and Quality
May,W.E., M.R.Fernandez, C.B.Holzapfel, and G.P.Lafond.
Agron. J. 100:1173-1179 (2008)
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