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Dr. Menachem Assaraf <p>
	is Regional Agronomist for ICLF, Europe and Turkey.</p>
, Regional Agronomist for ICLF, Europe and TurkeyIPI Coordinator: Dr. Menachem Assaraf

Dr. Menachem Assaraf re-joined the IPI team in 2015 as the IPI coordinator for Europe and Turkey. Previously, from 2008 until 2010, he was IPI’s coordinator in China and India. Dr. Assaraf works for ICLF as regional agronomist, Europe and Turkey and is also the ICL coordinator for CFPN, where he is in charge of developing potash and polysulphate demand within his regions of responsibility. He has been with ICL Bromine group since 2000; before this, he was business development manager at ICL Industrial Products. Dr. Assaraf completed a BSc in agronomy at Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) with an emphasis on plant protection, in particular soil-borne fungal diseases, and soil-borne nematodes. His MSc and PhD were carried out in collaboration with researchers in different departments at the Volcani Center, Beit Dagan, Israel. Dr. Assaraf’s MSc focused on the characterization of the accelerated microbial degradation of fungicides (especially Benomyl/Benlate) in various soils and water and his PhD on the mechanisms (at genetic, molecular, and physiological levels), of heat-tolerant and heat-sensitive biotypes of the soil fungal disease Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. niveum (watermelon wilt) to heat and other abiotic stress agents.

Dr. Assaraf’s expertise will be invaluable in the coordination of IPI’s projects and extension programs in Europe.

Dr. Menachem Assaraf

c/o Dead Sea Works Ltd.
Potash House, 1 Kroitzer Str.
P.O. Box 75
Beer Sheva 8410001

+972 8 646 5727
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+972 52 470 8376
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