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Potash Review - Legacy not history

Potash Review - IPI legacy documents

We call it Legacy, not History.

Between 1956 and 1995, for almost 40 years, IPI published the Potash Review, a collection of themed scientific papers, with many of the papers dealing with potash use in international agriculture.

These legacy documents are now available here on the IPI website, and can be searched by title, author, year and theme. We also have a free search which will search through the full text of each document in the database.

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"A new transformation of the practical reports, published in Potash Review for over 40 years, is once again bringing to life the basic agronomical knowledge accumulated in almost a century of advanced agricultural research.

These reports are now easily accessible and the advanced search technology provides access to the whole Potash Review library. Basic information, needed by agronomists and growers, can now be retrieved quickly and accurately with the proper references. In this new format Potash Review can replace old plant nutrition books that are not easily accessible these days.

In present, modern times, where most agriculture research centres are concentrating on genetic research, such basic agronomic knowledge is neglected and the current generation of students has no real contact with the old accumulated wisdom.

IPI deserves deep appreciation for the resurrection of this real basic knowledge in fertilizers and plant nutrition that otherwise would have been lost forever. "

Uzi Kafkafi, Prof. (Emer).
The Robert H. Smith Inst. of Plant Sciences and Genetics in Agriculture,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Faculty of Agriculture, PO Box 12,
Rehovot, Israel 76100

This work was possible also with the support of The Library Authority, Library of Agricultural, Food, and the Environmental Quality Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot, Israel. We thank them for their support.