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Coordination: China

The main aim of IPI activity in China is to promote "Balanced Nutrition" with emphasis on K nutrition in the main crops. To this end, IPI conducts research and extension activities designed to develop and transfer knowledge on the role of potassium in optimized crop nutrition, in order to ensure sustainable crop production through the efficient use of fertilizers.

Mr. Eldad Sokolowski , Agronomist at Dead Sea Works Ltd., in IsraelIPI Coordinator: Mr. Eldad Sokolowski

Mr. Sokolowski has an MSc in Plant Science and a BSc in Soil and Water Sciences from the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. After his studies, Mr. Sokolowski worked for a few years as an extension officer at the Agricultural Extension Service of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Israel, where he was involved in projects related to treated waste-water and providing advice to farmers. Since this time, he has worked for more than 15 years in R&D and transfer of practical solutions in the field of irrigation and plant nutrition of different crops.

Now an agronomist at Dead Sea Works Ltd, Mr. Sokolowski previously worked as manager of the agronomic department of "Netafim Peru", and then as chief agronomist for Southeast Asia activities of "Netafim". He has also worked as an agronomist in Del Monte in their banana-growing activities in Brazil.

Mr. Eldad Sokolowski

Dead Sea Works Ltd.
P.O. Box 75, 1 Kroitzer Str.
Beer Sheva 84100

+972 8 646 57 39
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+86 1343 922 1535
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