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The main aim of IPI activity in China is to promote "Balanced Nutrition" with emphasis on K nutrition in the main crops. To this end, IPI conducts research and extension activities designed to develop and transfer knowledge on the role of potassium in optimized crop nutrition, in order to ensure sustainable crop production through the efficient use of fertilizers.

Scientific abstracts

Paper title
Year published
Effects of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium Addition on the Productivity of a Karst Grassland: Plant Functional Group and Community Perspectives
Liu, C., Y. Liu, K. Guo, X. Qiao, H. Zhao, S. Wang, L. Zhang, and X. Cai.
Ecological Engineering 117:84-95 (2018)
A Mixed-Effects Regression Modeling Approach for Evaluating Paddy Soil Productivity
Zou, G., Y. Li, T. Huang, D.L. Liu, D. Herridge, and J. Wu
Agron. J. 109(5):2302-2311 (2017)
Crop Yield and Soil Available Potassium Changes as Affected by Potassium Rate in Rice-Wheat Systems
Lu, D., C. Li, E. Sokolowski, H. Magen, X. Chen, H. Wang, and J. Zhou
Field Crops Research 214:38-44 (2017)
Tailoring NPK Fertilizer Application to Precipitation for Dryland Winter Wheat in the Loess Plateau
Cao, H., Z. Wang, G. He, J. Dai, M. Huang, S. Wang, L. Luo, V.O. Sadras, M. Hoogmoed, S.S. Malhi
Field Crops Research 209:88-95 (2017)
Balanced Fertilizer Management Strategy Enhances Potato Yield and Marketing Quality
Xue-Lian Tanab, Tian-Wen Guo, Shang-You Song, Ping-Liang Zhang, Xu-Cheng Zhang, and Cai Zhao
Agron. J. 108(6):2235-2244 (2016)
Combined Application of Polymer Coated Potassium Chloride and Urea Improved Fertilizer Use Efficiencies, Yield and Leaf Photosynthesis of Cotton on Saline Soil
Xiuyi Yang, Jibiao Geng, Chengliang Li, Min Zhang, Baocheng Chen, Xiaofei Tian, Wenkui Zheng, Zhiguang Liu, and Chun Wang
Field Crops Research 197:63/73 (2016)
Effect of 35 Years Inorganic Fertilizer and Manure Amendment on Structure of Bacterial and Archaeal Communities in Black Soil of Northeast China
Jianli Ding, Xin Jiang, Mingchao Ma, Baoku Zhou, Dawei Guan, Baisuo Zhao, Jing Zhou, Fengming Cao, Li Li, and Jun Li
Applied Soil Ecology 105:187-195 (2016)
Effect of Elevated CO2 on the Growth and Macronutrient (N, P and K) Uptake of Annual Wormwood (Artemisia annua L.)
Zhu, C., Q. Zeng, H. Yu, S. Liu, G. Dong, and J. Zhu
Pedosphere 26(2):235-242 (2016)
Estimating On-Farm Wheat Yield Response to Potassium and Potassium Uptake Requirement in China
Ai Zhan, Chunqin Zou, Youliang Ye, Zhaohui Liu, Zhenling Cui, and Xinping Chen
Field Crops Research 191:13-19 (2016)
Effect of Long-Term Fertilization on Soil Productivity on the North China Plain
Wang, J.Y., X.Y. Yan, and W. Gong
Pedosphere 25(3)3:450-458 (2015)
High-Yield Maize Production in Relation to Potassium Uptake Requirements in China
Liangquan Wu, Zhenling Cui, Xinping Chen, Rongfang Zhao, Dongxia Si, Yixiang Sun, and Shanchao Yue
Agron. J. 106(4):1153-1158 (2014)
How Different Long-Term Fertilization Strategies Influence Crop Yield and Soil Properties in a Maize Field in the North China Plain
Bingzi Zhao, Ji Chen, Jiabao Zhang, Xiuli Xin, Xiying Hao
J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. 176(1):99-109
Managing Agricultural Nutrients for Food Security in China: Past, Present, and Future
Zhenling Cui, Zhengxia Dou, Xinping Chen, Xiaotang Ju, and Fusuo Zhang
Agron. J. 106(1):191-198
Yield and Potassium Balance in a Wheat-Maize Cropping System of the North China Plain
Chun-e He, Zhu Ouyang, Zhen-rong Tian and Harwood D. Schaffer
Agron. J. 104(4):1016-1022
Effect of Long-Term Potassium Fertilization on Crop Yield and Potassium Efficiency and Balance Under Wheat-Maize Rotation in China
Zhang, H.M., X.Y. Yang, X.H. He, M.G. Xu, S.M. Huang, H. Liu, and B.R. Wang
Pedosphere 21(2):154-163 (2011)
Impact of Long-Term Alfalfa Cropping on Soil Potassium Content and Clay Minerals in a Semi-Arid Loess Soil in China
Li, D.C., B. Velde, F.M. Li, G.L. Zhang, M.S. Zhao, and L.M. Huang
Pedosphere 21(4):522-531
Influences of Long-Term Fertilizer and Tillage Management on Soil Fertility of the North China Plain
Niu, L.A., J.M. Hao, B.Z. Zhang, and X.S. Niu
Pedosphere 21(6):813-820
Long-Term-Fertilization Effects on Soil Organic Carbon, Physical Properties, and Wheat Yield of a Loess Soil
Yang, X., P. Li, S. Zhang, B. Sun, and C. Xinping
J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. 174:775-784
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