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Crop Yield and Soil Available Potassium Changes as Affected by Potassium Rate in Rice-Wheat Systems
Lu, D., C. Li, E. Sokolowski, H. Magen, X. Chen, H. Wang, and J. Zhou
Published in:
Field Crops Research 214:38-44 (2017), English


Large areas of the arable soils of the world are deficient in potassium (K) due to the low application rate of K fertilizer. However, current soil test methods cannot precisely determine soil available K changes. From 2009 to 2014, a field experiment was conducted in a rice-wheat cropping system in the Yangtze Plains using five K rates. The objectives were to determine the responses of wheat and rice yield to different K rates and to compare the soil available K changes extracted by three methods (ammonium acetate (NH4OAc), boiling nitric acid (HNO3), and sodium tetraphenylboron (NaTPB)). Long periods without application of K fertilizer markedly decreased wheat yield by 47% and rice yield by 15% compared with local farmers’ K practices (FKP, 90 and 120 kg K2O ha−1 for wheat and rice, respectively). The FKP achieved optimal yields for wheat and rice; however, only 160% of FKP achieved a positive K balance for the cropping system. Soil-extractable K consistently decreased with increasing cropping rotations where the K rate was below 160% FKP for the three extraction methods. The extractable and changed amounts for the NH4OAC and HNO3 methods were significantly lower than that for the NaTPB method. The soil K changes for NaTPB were closer to the theoretical soil available K changes (TAKC) derived from an apparent K balance. The NaTPB method could be useful for accurately determining changes in soil available K in cropping systems.

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