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IPI-research Topics No.20

* IPI-research Topics No. 20 "Potassium status and crop response to potassium on the soils of agro-ecological regions of India"

To meet the demand of a steadily growing population in India, grain production must increase but the more grain and other crops that are harvested, the more nutrients are removed from the fields. These nutrients mut be replaced. However, at the present time the fertilizer dressings used for this purpose are not properly balanced. While fertilizers now used supply ten times more nitrogen than potassium, the harvested crops actually remove ntrogen and potassium in much the same quantity. The results of such unbalanced fertilication over a period is to lower soil fertility with disasterous consequences for sustainability of crop production and ultimately for the environment.

To provide more intomation on tis vital issue, Subba Rao have compiled basic data concerning the properties of the soils and their contents and the availability of potassium from the 20 agro-ecological regions of India. Examples of crop responses to potassium and the economic implications are also included.

* IPI-Research topics No. 21 "Potassium - nutrient for yield and quality", by Z. Borlan, E Andres and K. Glas

Use of mineral fertilizers inthe countries of Central and Eastern Europe almost collapsed after the change in the economic systems in the late '80s and still remain at a level far below crop reuirements. The changes in the economic system also affected the fertilizer distribution system, to the extent that farmers were almost devoid of reliable advice on how much fertilizer to apply according to plant and site specific conditions.

In recognition of the serious situation in which the farmers of the region are placed, IPI has issued Research Topic 21in languages of the countries of this region to provide easy access to country-specific information on balanced nutrition. the series has already been published in Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian, and in Czech and is now complemented with publiction in the Romanian language.

IPI-Research topics No.21


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