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Mineralogical Budgeting of Potassium in Soil: A Basis for Understanding Standard Measures of Reserve Potassium
Andrist-Rangel,Y.; Simonsson,M.; Andersson,S.; Öborn,I.; Hillier,S.
Published in:
J. Plant Nutr. Soil Sci. 169(5):605-616 (2006), English


The study was conducted to investigate the relationship between some standard measures of soil reserve potassium (K) and soil mineralogy. Eight different agricultural soils from the N temperate and S boreal regions were studied and analyzed both by standard methods (exchangeable K, 2 M HCl- and aqua regia-extractable K) and by quantitative mineralogical methods based on X-ray powder diffraction analysis of spray-dried bulk soils. Linear regression and multivariate methods were used to assess the relationships between standard measures of soil reserve K and a number of soil chemical, physical, and mineralogical properties. A mineralogical budgeting approach, to estimate total K and its speciation between different mineral phases, is shown to be accurate after validation against total K analyzed geochemically. This approach enabled us to determine that both HCl- and aqua regia-extractable K were highly correlated with K in dioctahedral phyllosilicates and extracted 1%-17% and 5%-45% of total K, respectively. Neither extraction showed any obvious relationship to K in feldspar, which is frequently a larger reservoir of K in the soils examined.

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