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Coordination: India

The main aim of IPI activity in India is to promote "Balanced Nutrition" with emphasis on K nutrition in the main crops. This mission is carried out via research and extension activities: field experiments, demonstration plots, farmers meetings, dealers training programs, field days, workshops and conferences, publications and awards and assistance for researchers.

Regional Projects & Demonstrations

Project on Maximizing Crop Production Through Potassium Management
Study on Effect of Potassium on Yield, Quality and Pre and Post Harvest Disease Resistance of Papaya, Mango, Banana, Pineapple and Passion Fruits.
Studies on Potash Responses to Field Crops in Light Textured Soils of Southern Haryana
The Effect of Potassium on the Yield and Quality of Turmeric (Curcuma longa)
Rationalization of Potassium Requirement of Major Oil Seeds and Pulses in Central Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh
Nutrient Management Options to Enhance Survival, Recovery and Yield of Submerged sub1 Varieties of Rice
Effect of Various Levels of Potash Application Through Drip Irrigation on Yield and Quality of Sugarcane (CO 86032)
Studies on Role of Potassium Nutrition in Balanced Fertilization of Soybean-Wheat Cropping System
Evaluation of the Effect of Potassium Application on the Yield and Quality of Crops Under an Intensive Sunflower-Maize-Pea Cropping System in Punjab, India
Efficiency of Potash Fertilizer Application in a Rice-Wheat Cropping System in North-West Bangladesh
Studies on the Potash Fertilizer use Efficiency in Papaya (Carica papaya L.)
Site-specific Nutrient Management in Coconut Plantations
Effect of Nitrogen and Potassium Interaction on Nitrogen use Efficiency and Nitrate and Potassium Leaching in Sorghum-Wheat System
Yield and Quality of Rabi Onion as Influenced by Graded Levels of Potassium on Inceptisol
Role of Potassium in Mitigating the Drought Stress in Maize-Wheat System
Evaluation and Dissemination of Improved Nutrient Management Practices Through Web and Mobile Phone Applications of Nutrient Manager for Rice in the Cauvery Delta, Tamil Nadu
Rationalization of Potassium Doses for Important Vegetable Crops in Central Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh
Balanced Fertilization for Sustainable Bt Cotton Production with a Special Emphasis on Potassium in Soils of North Karnataka
Effect of Potassium Application on Yield of Vegetable Crops
Potassium for Enhancing Nitrogen Utilization Efficiency of C4 (sorghum) and C3 (wheat) Plants: Biochemical Processes and Proteomics Approaches
Potassium Nutrition of Banana in Alluvial Soils of Bihar for Yield and Quality Enhancement
Effect of Nitrogen & Potassium Levels on Yield of Potato and Maize Intercropping
Physiological Studies on the Effect of Potassium in Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) Under Water Deficit
Maximizing Crop Production through Potassium Management
Effect of Potash Application on Yield, Quality, Disease Resistance and Drought Tolerance in Groundnut
Potassium Dynamics as influenced by potassium application to Banana in Inceptisols
Identifying Critical Levels for K in Vertisols
Effect of K on Pastures
Effect of K on Sugarcane
Effect of K on Apple
Effect of K on Pulses
Effect of K on Garlic, Onion and Maize
Effect of K on Maize
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The Role of Potassium (K) in the Plant (in Urdu)
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Potassium in Soil and Plant Systems
The Role of Potassium (K) in the Plant
What does a Plant Need to Live
Assessment of the Impact of Targeted Use of Fertilizer on Irrigated Rice in Asia
The Role of Potassium (K) in the Plant (in Urdu)

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What's new in the region...

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  • Paper: Effects of Potassium Application Regime on Productivity and Drought Tolerance Parameters of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) in Odisha, India more >
  • K in the Literature: Yield of and Nutrient-Water Use by Maize Exposed to Moisture Stress and K Fertilizers in an Inceptisol of West Bengal, India more >
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